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Laboratory Technican opportunity

Watershed Biogeochemist Laboratory Technican


The Watershed Biogeochemistry in the Anthropocene Lab ( at Michigan State University (MSU) is seeking applications for a laboratory technician position to start in September 2023. This technician will work on a funded collaborative project between MSU, the University of Colorado Boulder, and the University of California Santa Cruz focused on investigating the interaction of agricultural sulfur runoff and mercury methylation in California vineyards and nearby wetlands.

#Biogeochemistry, #Lab, #Technician

PhD Opportunity

Impacts of QACs on boreal lake benthic and emergent insect communities: Linking the molecular to the community


Seeking a motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated PhD student to investigate how quaternary ammonia compounds (QACs) can impact the benthic and emergent insect communities of boreal lakes. The student will use traditional taxonomy combined with eDNA and RNA Seq approaches to examine changes at the molecular, individual, population, and community-levels. The student will collaborate with a large number of researchers and students as part of a larger project that will examine the fate and effects of QACs on whole lakes at the IISD Experimental Lakes Area.

#Phd, #Ecotoxicology

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