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Welcome to the PNC! 


Our chapter has grown and developed tremendously since our first gathering in Saskatoon in 2010.  The PNC is the largest of SETAC’s regional chapters, and comes with many challenges to overcome those geographic hurdles.  At the same time, it provides us with a wealth of expertise, issues, and viewpoints from which to draw on and promote strong, sound science.  We are all striving to protect the environment in a sustainable manner, and regardless of whether a student or professor emeritus, industry or academic, we do this best when we work together.  This has always been the aim of SETAC, and this approach has been a powerful tool in our common goal of a healthy future for the environment and us.


As always, if you are looking to help guide the chapter, or have ideas for how we can grow and be more engaged, please do contact myself.  The board and I have many ideas about how we can go about this, but we have no doubt you out there have your vision as well.  Remember, this is your PNC! 


Mark Hanson, Ph.D.

Past President, SETAC Prairie Northern Regional Chapter

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