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Welcome from your new Student Rep, Braedon Humeniuk

Hi folks!

As the recently appointed Student Representative to the PNC Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to represent and advocate for the interests of fellow students on SETAC PNC Board of Directors and at the upcoming SETAC-PNC meetings.

I am currently a PhD student in the Stress Ecology Lab at the University of Manitoba in the Department of Environment and Geography. My PhD research focuses on characterizing the ecological risk of chloride salts in Canadian freshwaters using the Lake Winnipeg watershed as a case study. I have also contributed to studies on the fate and effects of pharmaceuticals, wastewater effluents, and groundwater contaminants, as well as done work on data quality and reporting within the field of ecotoxicology.

As the pandemic draws to an end (fingers crossed!), I would like to remind everyone of the wonderful social events and travel awards offered to PNC students at in-person meetings. For instance, PNC offers a Student Collaboration an d Training Travel Grant, which was developed to offset costs associated with travelling between institutions for training purposes and to promote collaborative research. In the past, I have had the opportunity to attend SETAC-PNC meetings both virtually and in-person (Edmonton in 2018 and Lethbridge in 2019). These remarkable experiences introduced me to new perspectives on topics in the field and the invaluable connections that can be made at these events. Ultimately, this was what motivated me to apply for the Student Rep position. I have a strong desire to help others, and this role allows me to share my experiences to assist and encourage new students to participate in the great events SETAC offers.

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved with SETAC-PNC, or have any ideas for events/activities that you would like to see at these meetings, please feel free to reach out to me at any point!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!




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Pepe Rodriguez
Pepe Rodriguez
08 abr 2022

Congratulations Braedon!

Me gusta
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