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Kaden Fujita - University of Lethbridge

Kaden is a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Lethbridge working in the Wiseman Lab. Kaden's research focuses on the mechanistic toxicity of diluted bitumen (dilbit) from the Alberta oil sands.

You may recognize Kaden from our most recent PNC AGM and Conference where he placed first in our Undergraduate Poster Presentation category!

Kaden performs exposures to early life stages of zebrafish and assesses heart rate, hatching success, and developmental malformations. Additionally, Kaden uses molecular techniques such as qPCR to assess changes in gene expression. Kaden recently began using 1H NMR based metabolomics to investigate the potential for molecular disruption after exposure to weathered dilbit.

Kaden is considering pursuing a career in medicine or a Master's degree in order to continue to be engaged in research.



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