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Justin Miller - Toxicology - University of Lethbridge

Justin is an undergraduate student in Steve Wiseman's lab at the University of Lethbridge where he exposes zebrafish embryos to dicamba (a herbicide) to understand the impacts that early life exposure has on the cellular methyl pool and the mRNA abundances of transcripts related to DNA methylation. Justin utilized mRNA isolation, rtPCR, qPCR, and both flurometric and ELISA-based assays to carry out his work. Justin received an NSERC-USRA in 2018 and proceeded to present this research at the 2018 Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop in Vancouver BC, where he received third place in the poster presentation competition.

While Justin's main goal is to attend medical school, he will be remaining within SETAC PNC for the next couple of years as he will be continuing on to do a Master's program in the Wiseman lab beginning this spring. You can keep up-to-date with Justin's work through LinkedIn!



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