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Student Collaboration and Training Travel Grant

The Prairie Northern Chapter (PNC) of SETAC exists to encourage collaboration, networking, training, and sharing of knowledge within the fields of environmental toxicology and chemistry.


To this end, PNC has developed a grant to offset costs associated with travel to and from other institutions for collaborative research or training purposes.

The Student Collaboration and Training Travel Grant consists of a minimum of two awards awarded annually valued at a maximum of $750 each, with the total award, among all recipients, not exceeding $1500.

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  •  Student is enrolled in an undergraduate, Master’s, or PhD program and is in good academic standing at a recognized institution within the Prairie Northern Chapter of SETAC (Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba; the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut);

  • Student and advisor are current registered members of SETAC PNC;

  • Student acknowledges that the award will only be used for costs associated with accommodations and travel to and from the host institution. Transportation costs include flights within the region, expenses related to vehicle rentals (including gas), and vehicle mileage for personal vehicle use (up to 500 km roundtrip @ $0.68 per km). Accommodations may include hotels, university residences, or similar – students are encouraged to seek out the best economical options for accommodations;

  • The host institution is within the PNC;

  • The student recipient of this award is encouraged to present their research in the form of a poster or platform presentation at the following PNC Annual General Meeting and Conference, if feasible.

  • Upon completion of their visit to the host institution, the student recipient will be required to submit a brief summary of their experience outlining what skills/techniques they have gained and how this opportunity will contribute to their education to be shared on the SETAC PNC website and for related promotional outreach


Note: that this award may be held with other travel and training grants but those who do not hold a similar award may be prioritized. 

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  • A student may only hold one SETAC PNC Student Collaboration and Training Travel Grant in their lifetime;

  • the collaboration must be completed, and the grant recipient must have submitted the summary of their experience within twelve (12) months of the date in which the grant was awarded;

  • reimbursements will not be provided until the grant recipient has submitted the summary of their experience, and;

  • a host institution lab may only host one grant recipient per year and may not host grant recipients in the following year (a host institution lab may host grant recipients every second year). 

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Evaluation criteria

Applications will be evaluated on:

  • Degree to which this collaboration would contribute to the applicant’s research;

  • demonstration of a well-planned collaboration in which the applicant has made a clear effort to gain knowledge of the technique/skill to be acquired;

  • academic ability and research potential (based on letter from supervisor) and clear prior communication with host advisor (host letter of acknowledgement); and,

  • the ability of the student to demonstrate the value of learning the technique/skill relating to not only the current research project, but also to future endeavours. 

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