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New Approaches to Chemical Assessment for the 21st Century


JUNE 18-20,2023

Join us for a very especial celebration in our return to In-person

This year we are extremely excited to be able to come back to an in-person meeting at the University of Saskatchewan, where we will also have the opportunity to celebrate a very especial occasion: the 40th Anniversary of the University of Saskatchewan Toxicology Centre.

  • Sunday,  June 18  -  Workshops and Short Courses 

  • Monday, June 19   -  Keynotes, Presentations, Posters, Tox on Tap

  • Tuesday, June 20 -  Keynotes, Presentations, Student Awards, Toxicology Centre 40th Anniversary Celebrations, Tours, Banquet

(Sunday June 18th)

Join us on Sunday June 18th for this year's workshops ($10 students / $20 regular)

"Developing and Applying Adverse Outcome Pathways” - led by Markus Hecker (9:00 am – 12:00 pm)


"From Sampling to Sequencing: A Comprehensive Introduction to (e)DNA Metabarcoding" - led by Milena Esser and Phillip Ankley (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm)


Guided Tours
(Tuesday June 20th)


Save on your hotel 

Book at the group rate

We have managed to secure a discounted group rate for attendees at the  HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES EAST - UNIVERSITY .

Group rate: $139/night (2x queen bed room).

Group pricing valid until May, 19th 2023.

* The link above should take you directly to the booking site and provide you with the group rate of $139/night for a double queen bed room for a booking from July 18th to July 22nd. Group pricing valid till May, 19th 2023.

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