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2021 SETAC PNC - Laurentian SETAC Joint Annual Meeting


June 17th, 2021



This year’s short course will be a 3-hour virtual workshop (“Science Communication for SETAC”), followed by a 1-h optional, unstructured “Scicomm Clinic.” The workshop will cover fundamental science communication skills, including how to define your audience, storytelling, and how to effectively communicate complex ideas. Participants will also learn how to avoid some common pitfalls of scientists engaging in science communication, including jargon and explainer-type pieces, and how to get started as a science writer or communicator. Other aspects of science communication of interest to specific participants may also be discussed, time permitting. The “SciComm Clinic” will provide a less formal space for participants to ask more in-depth questions and get advice about their specific science communication endeavors, similar to an “office hour” or consultation. Participants are encouraged to bring any science communication materials they have – ideas, research posters, drafts, etc. – to the clinic to facilitate discussion.



Dr. Brittney G. Borowiec, PhD

Dr. Borowiec is a postdoctoral fellow at Wilfrid Laurier University, where she studies how lampricides affect the mitochondria of sea lamprey. Since 2019, she has also served as an Editor at Massive Science, a popular media and content company that trains scientists how to write for non-expert audiences. Since 2015, she has also worked as a freelance science writer. Her bylines include Nature, the Canadian Science Publishing Blog, The Conservation, Massive Science, the Journal of Experimental Biology’s Outside JEB section, the PBS Eons series on YouTube, and elsewhere. Her work has won several awards, including the CSZ Public Awareness Award and Best Shortform Science Writing Awards, and been syndicated in outlets such as McMaster Daily News, Pacific Standard Magazine, Salon, and The National Post, and Science Friday.


Visit, or contact her via Twitter, handle @this_is_brit

Thank you to this year's sponsors:
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