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Pandemic-inspired innovations

JUNE 13, 2022, 1:15 - 2:15 PM (EDT)

Presented by
Alison Gamble | MES, C.Chem
Shared Value Solutions


Alison is an environmental scientist and Project Director with Shared Value Solutions Ltd. She has a background in environmental chemistry and contaminated sites, and is a registered Chartered Chemist in Ontario. Alison enjoys tackling environmental concerns using a combination of Indigenous knowledge and Western science alongside community-led participatory approaches. Her experience working with Indigenous Nations across Canada includes designing and executing community-led Guardians monitoring programs, facilitating community engagement sessions and workshops, developing and delivering curriculum for environmental monitoring courses, conducting third party reviews of technical reports and documents to identify how industrial and resource management activities may impact Indigenous rights, interests, and claims, and supporting communities with their concerns about contaminated lands, waters, and food sources. Alison is very proud of her Métis ancestry, and has been fishing ever since she could hold a rod and reel and foraging wild edibles since she started walking. Combined with a deep scientific curiosity, this has led Alison to become passionate about protecting traditional ways of life through conservation and remediation efforts.

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Presented by
Leah Culver | MA
Shared Value Solutions


Leah is a sociocultural anthropologist and Project Director with Shared Value Solutions Ltd. Leah has a strong background in qualitative research focused on participatory and community-based engagement practices led by sound methodological approaches to information gathering and analysis. As a trained social researcher, Leah uses individual and group interviews to collect data that guides research projects, ensuring that community voices are presented adequately in reporting. Her diverse experience with First Nation and Métis communities in Canada includes socio-economic impact assessments, community well-being studies, strategic community planning, Indigenous knowledge and land use studies, oral history research, GIS, documentary film making, program evaluations, and Aboriginal Community Energy Planning. Outside of Canada, she has done evaluation work for a small NGO in Kenya and research with small-scale farmers in Paraguay.  Leah is a strong advocate for community-based and community-led participatory research and believes in the power of people's stories to bring broader meaning to current issues. 

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