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The Pyle Laboratory for Aquatic Health

The Pyle Laboratory for Aquatic Health at the University of Lethbridge is interested in the causes and consequences of contaminant effects on chemosensory function and behaviour in aquatic animals. The lab, led by Dr. Greg Pyle, is currently composed of Post-Doctoral Fellow (Jaimie Klemish), Lab Manager (Sarah Bogart), PhD student (Parastoo Razmara), Master's Students (Raegan Plomp, Sean Everitt, and Lauren Zink), and undergraduate students (Chris Lowen, James Nilsson, Carolyn Simonis, and Madison Gerbrandt). The Pyle Lab has many current and prospective projects investigating the toxicity of dilbit, copper ions, copper nanoparticles, platinum group elements, cadmium, and microplastics on aquatic invertebrates and fish. Many recent publications have come forth from Pyle Lab related to developing Ca and Mg Water quality guidelines, oil sands process-affected water impairment to rainbow trout, and work comparing the effects of copper nanoparticles and soluble copper. You can keep up with all of the work happening in Pyle Lab through twitter and on their website. We look forward to seeing Pyle Lab at the 2019 AGM!



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