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The Prairie Northern Chapter of SETAC (SETAC-PNC) is currently seeking applications from students who are interested in applying for the position of student representative to the PNC board. This is a two-year commitment wherein the successful applicant will assume the position of student representative to the PNC board, and then transition to the PNC representative to NASAC, SETAC’s North American Student Advisory Council.


The duties of the student representative to the board are to maintain the PNC website (post announcements, details about the upcoming PNC AGM, etc.), aid in the coordination and planning of PNC’s 2019 AGM in Lethbridge (wherever necessary), and to fill other roles as required. During this time the successful applicant will also learn about their upcoming role as the PNC representative to NASAC, and ultimately assume this role in their second year. The duties of the PNC representative to NASAC will be similar in scope to those of the PNC student representative to the board, but will instead be directed toward the coordination of the SETAC North America Meeting, and will also include training the incoming student board member for their role as PNC representative to NASAC.


In addition to being a two-year commitment, it is ideal if the interested candidate is planning to attend the SETAC North America Meeting during the year that they will act as the PNC representative to NASAC – this will take place in Toronto, November 3rd to 7th.


Interested parties should email blackt3@myumanitoba.ca with a 300-word statement of interest by Friday, January 18th, 2019. Statements will be sent to all student members of PNC and voted on using an on-line poll, which will be available from Monday, January 21st to Friday, January 25th.


If you are interested in the position but have further questions, please feel free to contact us before submitting your statement of interest.